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From Virtual Museum to the territorial.
History, places and itinerary to know Lascari.

A historic outline
Places of art
Historical buildings
Places of historical memory
Itinerary of towers and masseries
Lascari attraction

“Discover Lascari” it’s a development of a project of the artistic, cultural heritage and incorporeal of Lascari, through the system QR CODE, a technology which gives the opportunity to the citizen and visitor to live “some unique places” of history and witness inherit of the past and which are often too difficult to enter.
The project wants to satisfy the “need of cultural”, understood as a “human experience shared” as a way of knowledge offering through the participation of an experience and service, rather than the consumption of a product through a creative way and the QR CODE the project aims to produce and to spread the knowledge to give a new pulse to the research and to promote the sensitivity of each individual to a Contemporary culture education, in respect of the local tradition in view to potentiate the tourism function of Lascari.
Bringing to life the stories of places a memories of art and ancient artifacts, small streets, square often transformed by the urban evolution, forgotten and abandoned, is like composing a precious mosaic of the cultural identity of the Community.
Stories that can ignite the curiosity of the  of the youngest or animate the passion of those who remember, memoirs contextualized in the territory to be told to those that by age and origin, don’t have awareness.
“Discover Lascari”, therefore it’s an added value which is based on the evident belief, that the memory is the seed to build the future, to start a new territorial mapping not only georeferenced of the artistic relevance’s to visit but oriented by the geographic point of view, focusing the caution on places and relationships of emotional memories.

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